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We are aware of an issue that is affecting several of our secure Defender flash drive models. Devices exhibiting this issue will lock up during initialization, preventing the user from accessing the log in screen. This issue is primarily affecting Defender Basic users, but may also occur on other Defender models if they are running out-dated versions of the KDM client application. In order to resolve this issue, please make sure your Defender is updated with the latest client version. Links to download the latest client KDM versions can be found below.

Last updated - 03/19/2014 at 13:55 EST

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Latest Defender Client Versions (Download Defender Client Updates):
* Defender Basic:
* Defender Basic+:
* Defender V2:
* Defender Elite:
* Defender Elite 200:
* Defender 2000:
* Defender DualTrust:
* Defender HDD/SSD:

Latest Management Solutions Versions:
* KRMC Enterprise:
* KRMC Enterprise Patch: Patch 10, upgrades KRMC Enterprise to
* Device Control:

Latest Duplicator Firmware Versions:
* USB: U.40
* DVD: 3.38
* HDD (Mobile Clone): 2.26
* HDD (Tower): 4.10
* HDD (5 SATA): 3.19
* HDD (14 SATA): 3.17


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